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All you need to know when traveling in 2023!

While costs continue to rise worldwide, it doesn’t stop people from taking holidays, traveling, and exploring the world. As a matter of fact, airlines are seeing a huge increase in bookings while tourism corporations are predicting a huge increase in earnings from the tourism sector.

With more and more people craving a back-to-basic experience, many travelers are expressing a desire to travel to destinations where they can connect with nature. Woods, Snow, Sun sand, and Sea destinations are amongst the favorites for 2023. More and more destinations are dropping COVID restrictions and a proof of negative COVID-19 test or vaccination is no longer required. Also, most airlines are no longer requiring a face mask during flights and most airports are also mask-free.
A huge worldwide concern at the moment is the environment. When traveling, especially by air, you’ll notice that most airlines are replacing plastic with a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of giving service. Plastic cups and cutlery are being replaced with carton cutlery and carton cups, airlines motivate you to carry a digital boarding pass instead of printed and countries are motivating people to travel short destinations by train.
So this summer, expect long lines at airports, a more sustainable and responsible way of traveling, and to go back to basics; less to no travel restrictions.

Traveling is all about exploring new places, experiencing new cultures, and having fun. Here are some learnings that can help you be prepared to make the most of your trip and enjoy your time away from home.

  • Download the offline map of the city you are traveling to on your Google Maps. This it’s easier to find your way on destination.
  • Stand up and walk at least once (depending on your flight duration) to keep your blood flow going.
  • Pack hand sanitizers, tissues, and Clorox wipes. You want to keep your hands germ free, you never know when you might need a tissue and you’ll want to wipe that tray table or toilet seat clean.
  • Pack a small First Aid kit with you: painkillers, band-aid, antidiarrhea, stomach tablets, and your mini bottle of Glacial.
  • Always carry a change of clothes and basic toiletries in your carry-on. It happens that sometimes your checked-in luggage goes missing.
  • Keep offline copies of essential travel documents and reservations like passports, visas, flight tickets, vaccinations, and other travel documents.
  • Avoid exchanging currency at the airport. Their exchange rates are known to be the worst. Find the nearest ATM and withdraw your cash.

Here are 5 apps to download before your next vacation!

  • Anything Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, or Prime.
    You’re definitely going to want to make sure that you download your music and your favorite movies ahead of time. Most airlines make you pay for Wi-Fi (if it’s available), it’s hella expensive and it’s usually as slow as a turtle.
  • The airline app.
    Before you get on, make sure you have the airline app downloaded on your phone. It gives you the latest updates and changes on your flight, gate, and time info and often times also offered within the app; onboard entertainment, books, music, and movies.
  • Itinerary app.
    A different but definitely worth downloading app is called Trippy. This app basically let you create your itinerary in the app. Besides how it looks and is super user-friendly, what we like the most is that it’s FREE! You can put what you plan to do during the vacation days, add travel members to your group and brainstorm on the things you’re planning to do.
  • Currency Converter.
    A Currency Converter app allows you to check the latest foreign exchange rates and help you convert all major world currencies. So imagine standing in a store, wondering if the sunglasses you’ve been dying to buy are cheaper on the destination than they are at home; voila! Your Currency Converter app can help you do that.
  • Any booking app.
    Did you know that booking from sites on your desktop is often a few dollars more expensive than booking from your mobile app? So before booking your ticket, hotel, tour, or rental car, download the app of your favorite travel agency., SuperSaver, eDreams, and Kiwi are a few of our favorites.