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Get Cozy For The Summer

Did you know that the human brain is designed to help us survive? It does this by processing approximately 60.000 thoughts per day of which around 80% are negative. So, here’s the deal, to survive means avoiding risks, therefore, the brain projects negative scenarios through our thoughts to identify risks and help us handle them whenever, if ever, they present themselves. For this reason, it can often be challenging to focus on being and staying happy as it’s easier to focus on the bad, negative, and ugly. 

Mind-blowing right?!? This theory means that it takes effort to think positively. It takes effort to love ourselves. And it takes effort to focus on the good things and people surrounding us. Therefore, life requires us to be intentional with our actions and words if we want to feel and be good. It’s not always the easiest thing to do as each of us must find and boost our self-motivation. So, let’s take this moment to intentionally decide to dedicate this summer to loving, spoiling, and taking good care of ourselves. Because if we don’t do it, who else will?

Here follows a list of 5 things I intentionally do to love me, maybe they can help you too!

  • Set the tone for the day: After stopping my alarm and saying a prayer, I do my best to not open the gram and scroll, but to open YouTube and listen to a motivational speech. Most of the time I listen to Oprah. I have a mind that wanders, and I’ve noticed that motivational speeches or TED talks in the morning keep my mind present as it focuses on whatever I’m listening to. In the meantime, I make my bed, eat breakfast, and get ready to face the day. After listening. To the videos, I play my “happy songs” playlist, and like Angela Basset, I go do the thing. 
  • Time your water intake: hydration is the key to handling this hot weather. I have an app called water reminder that sends me a notification every hour to remind me to drink water. I do my best to hydrate myself with water as much as possible as it’s good for the flexibility of my skin, prevents kidney stones, and regulates the body temperature. At times I find it hard to drink water throughout the day though I have the reminder app. But I noticed ice-cold water is more appealing and helps my water intake.

  • Gratitude journal: what are you grateful for? Stress, worry about the future, and the monotony of life can make me forget about the things that I do have in the present time. That’s why I make time, at least once a week, to write down everything I’m grateful for. I don’t have a perfect journal, so I use the notes app on my phone and type it all out. 
  • Workout: cliché I know, but practicing an exercise or sport that I enjoy helps me feel and be better. I love spinning. I started early this year and was very skeptical about it. But to be honest, it has made wonders to not only my physique but also my mood. I use those 45 minutes to release all my stress and worries on the bicycle while fueling myself with the motivational words of my instructor. I feel fit, confident, and ready to take the world by the balls after every class, lol. 
  • Check-ins: whenever I have to make a decision or am told or suggested to do something I check in with myself. I check how I feel and monitor my level of need, fear, or anxiety before I take action. As a selfless person who loves helping others shine, I tend to forget about myself. So now, before I blindly say yes, I sense my emotions. If it doesn’t feel good or bring me joy, I gather the courage to reject it or suggest an option with a positive outcome for both me and the other party. I remind myself to not go out of my way to make the rest comfortable while I feel uncomfortable. It’s not always easy, but I keep in mind how I want and deserve to feel.

This list is what I discovered to work for me. It has been a complete journey to get here. Of course, a hot stone massage, delicious comfort food, a good book, and a glass of Rioja help seal the self-love deal for me – haha it’s a complete package, intentionally. 

I dare you to gather the courage to intentionally choose yourself this summer and find whatever self-love routine, ritual, or practice that works for you. We are on planet Earth for a limited time, so we better behave like we deserve to be here. This is enough reason to do whatever makes you feel more yourself because a happier you is better for everything and everyone around you. You are a 10, so intentionally treat yourself accordingly this summer.

p.s. do not forget to use sunscreen xx