Franjolies wins Fresku’s Next Cover Model Cycle 2

The quest to find the next local model to grace the cover of Fresku Magazine’s 16th edition has come to an end. It’s with great pride that we present you Franjolies Pereira de Sousa, the winner of Fresku Next Cover Model C2.

Fresku Next Cover Model Winner
Out of 122 model subscriptions for the show, the stellar Judges Akisha Albert, Monifa Jansen and Charles Jansen had to drill down to a Top 10, to later choose the main model who would grace the cover of the 16th edition of Fresku Magezine.

While the competition was though, the judges noticed a marvelous growth in the now FNCM C2 winner, Franjolies Pereira de Sousa. In each episode the judges could see her willingness to thrive and her fun and confident personality to match with. While owning her curves, she rapidly became a crowd favorite who the audience could relate to. She embodied what Fresku stands for and changed the standards of beauty that the world is accustomed to. Today, Franjolies graces the new cover of Fresku Magazine which has been shot on the beautiful Klein Curaçao.

As we close the chapter of Fresku Next Cover C2, Fresku reminds every potential model to stay tuned as FNCM Cycle 3 will be soon on its way.

Fresku Magazine #16
The 16th edition of Fresku Magazine will be soon on stands. This new edition will shed light on local fashion designers, hot singles, home decor and the best spots to indulge street food on the island. In addition, the audience will get the chance to know a bit more about Franjolies through the magazine. The Fresku team is excited and can’t wait for you to read it all! Secure your Fresku Magazine copy by pre-ordering now at . Once launched the copy will also be available at Bruna, Vreugdenhil and Van Den Tweel.

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